Blank Blogspot Template – How To Change Blogger Template To Blank

Blank Blogspot Template – How To Change Blogger Template To Blank

For a blogger, the template becomes a very vital thing for the blogging process because it is a display where we present our content to the public. Many Widgets are constantly being edited to achieve the desired appearance. Not infrequently also a blog owner changes the template to another template to ensure the best appearance to be published on the Internet.

Widget editing or replacement of templates that are carried out continuously can cause errors if there is an incorrect file in the editing and cause the appearance of the blog to be chaotic or not in accordance with the Demo of the given Template. It is highly recommended that before changing the template completely, it is better to do a Blank Template so that all existing code is clean and ready to use the new template. Or for those of you who want to use the Blank Blogspot Template for certain purposes, you can also usethe following tutorial.

How to Change BlogSpot Display to Blank and Reset Template to Original, First Time :

Step 1 : Pertama Buka Blogger.Com.
Step 2 : On the Blogger Dashboard (Blogspot) Enter the "Theme / Template" menu
Step 3 : Select “Edit HTML” and Ctrl+A on the HTML Code Paste and Delete all the code, replace it with the following code
           <title>Title of Blog</title>
                  /****CSS CODE*****/
    <b:section id="hello" class="hello"></b:section>
           <p>Hello World</p>
Step 4 : If you have replaced it with the code above, select "Save Theme/Template". Then you can check your Blog Display is in a Blank state.
Step 5 : If you want to reset (restore) with the template the first time (Default), then you just need to choose the template that has been provided by Blogger on the Dashboard menu "Theme", and select "Apply to Blog".

Conclusion :

That way you can edit your blog's Display Template from scratch without errors and messy widgets. Hopefully this article helps you get to know Blogspot which is very friendly to use for Bloggers who are starting to get serious about getting into the world of Blogging..

In this post I have explained Blank Blogspot Template – How To Change Blogger Template To Blank, Thank you for visiting our website.

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